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Your success in the Primary FRCA is important. It opens up the opportunity to apply for Specialist Training posts and move on with your career in anaesthesia. The exam is rightly challenging. The scope of the topic is large. The level of detail required in that learning is deep. All this at a time when the day to day work of delivering safe anaesthesia is a challenge enough. Then there is the cost, both in time and money.

The exam will challenge your ability not only to learn but to share what you have learned in a variety of formats. Each portion of the exam has its own difficulties. The OSCE requires a depth and breadth of knowledge that needs to shared face to face with the examiner, simulated patients or on paper.

Practice is, we believe, the cornerstone to success. This course realistically replicates the OSCE in every way. Accurate stations, timed accurately. Twice. With individual feedback on every station.

Nothing gets closer to the experience of the exam than this.

90% of candidates were on the last course went on to the pass the OSCE / SOE at the last sitting.


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