The OSCE section of the primary FRCA is one of the most stressful but also one of the easiest to control as a candidate.

The format of the exam is set out the same on each sitting. There are always the same number of stations. The mix of stations does not vary. The content of the stations can be predicted with accuracy. For example there are always face to face simulated patient stations. There is always a resuscitation station. There is always an anatomy question.

Now you know this you, can begin to put together a scheme to practice those stations. It will be practice that you need. By this stage the time for learning new material has passed. You need to be able to share the knowledge you have and maximise the impact of that knowledge to score the most points that are available on each particular station.

This is a full day of FRCA OSCE practice. We will give you the opportunity to take two full OSCE practice exams. One circuit consists of 16 timed stations just as they appear in the exam itself. This is then followed by individual feedback from our experienced facilitators as you revisit each station in turn again.

You tell us that one of the most stressful components of this exam is managing the face to face consultations. We video one of these stations and make your performance available to you for you see and keep. In partnership with the feedback you receive from your performance at this station, you will be able to hone you skills in dealing with these stations in the days after.

Again you tell us that a significant challenge is the resuscitation stations. There may be the opportunity to video your performance in one of the resuscitation stations in a full 360º allowing to see your own actions / reactions and those of the examiner.

After lunch you can do it all again!

The clinical material in each station has changed, but the number and timings have stayed the same. Again the exam round is followed by individual, personalised feedback.

Two exam rounds, two feedback rounds and targeted video assisted teaching.

To maximise the impact of the learning, you are offered a link to a video of one of your face to face stations in each round. You can use these to reflect on your performance in these very important stations.